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  • What’s Red River Motorcycle Trails (RRMT), Inc.?"
    We are a 2,700 acre family recreational park located at 15393 North FM 373, Bulcher, Texas. We are one of the few original motorcycle/ATV parks in Texas. The park has been in operation since 1972.
  • Do you allow other vehicles besides dirtbikes?
    Yes, along with dirtbikes we allow 4-wheelers, ATV's & side by sides. However, we do not allow Jeeps, Dune Buggies or other 4x4 vehicles.
  • Are helmets required?
  • Do you require an OHV permit?
    No we do not require an OHV permit.
  • Is night riding allowed?
    Under NO circumstances is night riding allowed or tolerated. Riding on the property is permitted during the fall/winter season from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the months of October-March. Riding in the spring/summer season is permitted 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the months of April-September.
  • Does RRMT, Inc. Offer Dirtbike/ATV/Recreational Vehicle Rentals?"
    RRMT, Inc. does NOT provide any recreational vehicle rentals, guided tours, or conduct any recreational classes. RRMT, Inc. only provides the property where those with recreational vehicles may ride, camp, and enjoy its facility.
  • What types of camping and lodging do you provide?
    We provide member RV sites, rental cabins, & primitive campgrounds. For more information please see our Camping & Lodging section.
  • What is required to camp?
    For both visitors and members that are camping overnight, you will need to tell the park staff upon arrival that you are camping. Visitors will be required to prepay for your entire visit upon park arrival. While prepaid in advance, visitors will still have to come to the park office and sign in again each day to obtain that day’s park sticker. Members that are camping on a weekend and/or during a major holiday in which the park is open, the requirements for camping are that by 10 A.M. the next day, you are either at the park office and have signed in and paid again for another day of riding/camping or have exited the park. If you are a member and would like to come in on a Friday night and camp so you can ride Saturday, you will need to call or email the park office and make an appointment. Any weeknight camping/riding requires a member appointment.
  • How do I reserve an RV spot or a cabin if I am a member?
    Email us using the "contact us" link below.
  • Is this place known as Muenster or is this a different place?
    We are located approximately 15 miles north of Muenster and are commonly referred to as Muenster, but the park is physically located in Bulcher, Texas. RRMT, Inc. is proud to claim Bulcher, Texas as its HOME. Another misconception that we commonly get is are you "Red River ATV Park?" No, Red River ATV Park is located in Bonham, Texas. We are Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. in Bulcher, Texas.
  • Whips or flags required?
    No. Whips or flags are not required.
  • Do you sell food?
    No, but we have a few snacks for sale in the office. We also stock a small amount of parts (oils, inner tubes, chain lube, etc) but no specific make/model parts




Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. has been a Texas Tradition since it was originally established in August 1972 when some local guys decided to take up the new sport.  Desperately searching for a place to ride they contacted a local farming and ranching landowner who owned property in Bulcher, Texas. As motorcycling gradually gained recognition as a sport in the 1970s, RRMT, Inc. opened its land to the public for recreation and entertainment.

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Becoming an RRMT, Inc. member comes with its own set of benefits & distinct privileges.

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RRMT offers member RV sites in a reserved "members only area", rental cabins, and primitive campgrounds. 



Get visitor information, directions to the park, and answers to your park questions.

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