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Privacy Policy


Starting January 1, 2008, RRMT, Inc. will collect * personal information on its Members. In light of collecting customers’ information, RRMT, Inc. values your privacy, and privacy is an issue that RRMT, Inc. takes very seriously. First and foremost, under no circumstances will the information that is provided to RRMT, Inc. be shared with any other person, organization, etc. other than RRMT, Inc.

Please note that in the case of membership, on the application that is required, individuals must choose whether they will allow RRMT, Inc. to send them correspondence via email. (Please note that this correspondence that members would receive will only be from RRMT, Inc.) It is important that every member complete this information accurately and at any time that they wish to change their decision on whether RRMT, Inc. may correspond with them via email, they must notify the RRMT, Inc. park office. But please note if individuals choose not to receive correspondence from RRMT, Inc. via email (such as special announcements, events, newsletter, etc.), RRMT, Inc. reserves the right to send membership renewal information only via this email communication venue.


Notification of Changes

While RRMT, Inc. does not ever anticipate any changes to its privacy policy, if for some reason RRMT, Inc. ever decides to alter its privacy policy, all of those customers that have shared information with RRMT, Inc. will be notified & aware of the circumstances regarding the changes.

* Personal Information – Is any and all information provided by you as a customer to RRMT, Inc.

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