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Coming from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Area

The park is located about an hour and a half north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Coming from this area, you will want to go north on I-35 to Gainesville. When you get to Gainesville, you will exit Highway 82 and go west towards Wichita Falls. You will go about thirteen miles through the towns of Lindsay and Muenster. Upon arriving in Muenster, you will turn right onto Main Street at the only stop light on Highway 82 in Muenster. You will then head north about one mile when you will come to the end of the road, keep left. You are now on FM Road 373 and traveling west. Follow this road for approximately fourteen miles to Bulcher.

Considering the population of Bulcher is six, the only thing that people will see on their way to RRMT, Inc. will be the wide open country side, Turtle Hill Golf Course, and an old dilapidated school building from the early 1900’s. Once you pass the school, the local road turns into a new paved state highway. If you look to the right, you will see the Red Bull Barn (made famous from Red Bull Last Man Standing). From the barn, it is about two more miles to the gate. Red River Motorcycle Trails, Inc. will be located on the right.

Coming from Wichita Falls, Texas Area

RRMT, Inc. is about an hour & fifteen minutes east of the Wichita Falls area. Travel east from Wichita Falls on Highway 82 until you reach Saint Jo. Then turn northeast on FM Road 2382 (at the Saint Jo Dairy Queen) for approximately ten miles. After coming to a fork in the road (and seeing the Red Bull Barn off to your left), turn left here onto FM Road 373 and stay on this new paved state highway for approximately two miles and then you will see the park entrance on your right.

SHORTCUT - Are you coming from the Wichita Falls area & interested in taking a shortcut to shave time off your drive to the park? If so, these directions are for you. Rather than go all the way to Saint Jo on Highway 82…From the Wichita Falls area, travel east on Highway 82 until you reach Nocona instead. (Nocona is approximately 12 miles furtherer west than Saint Jo.) In Nocona, turn left at the first light in town onto Clay Street and go until you come to FM Road 1956 which you should turn right onto. Stay on FM Road 1956 for fourteen miles until you arrive in Capps Corner. In Capps Corner, turn left onto FM Road 677. Go three miles on FM Road 677 until you come to the intersection of FM Road 677 and FM Road 373. Turn right onto FM Road 373 and travel for approximately two miles. You will see the park entrance on your left.

Coming from Lawton, Oklahoma Area

Take Highway 7 East to Duncan. In Duncan, take Highway 81 South to Ryan. In Ryan, take Highway 32 East to 89/32 Spur. Turn right to follow 89 South. You will take 89 South to the T Intersection. Then turn left to follow FM Road 677 South. Take FM Road 677 South to the FM Road 677/373 Y Intersection. Follow FM Road 373 to the left. Park entrance will be approximately two miles (give or take) on your left.

Coming from Northern Oklahoma

Tired of driving all the way down I-35 to Gainesville, Texas and then turning back west on Highway 82? Try this new route…saves time and is more scenic. When you get to Marietta, Oklahoma, take Highway 32 West to Courtney, Oklahoma. Then take Highway 89 across Taovayas Indian Bridge (that goes across the Red River). Once across the bridge, get on FM Road 677 and go East. Then when FM Road 677 intersects with FM Road 373, get on FM Road 373 and go East. Follow FM Road 373 for approximately two miles (give or take). The park will be on your left.

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