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RRMT, Inc. offers memberships valid from January 1 – December 31 each year.

Member Benefits

As a member you are entitled to the following.

  • $20 per day ride fee, versus $30 for non members

  • 12 guest passes per member, that allow guests to ride for $25 per day (with member present)

  • Benefit of riding when the park is closed/during the week, with a reservation

  • Benefit of being able to use/reserve the member RV spots with power 

  • Access to members only shower and restrooms

  • Members are required to show their Member ID Cards upon check-in at park office.*


$150 Yearly Membership Fee

Includes 12 guest passes @ $25 each

Valid For 1 Adult (18 years of age and older)

Lone Star Excursion

$300 Yearly Membership Fee

Includes 24 guest passes @ $25 each

Valid For 2 Adults (18 years of age and older)


$100 Yearly Membership Fee

Includes 8 guest passes @ $25 each

Valid For 1 Minor (10 to 17 years of age)

Kids 9 and under are free

Becoming a Member comes with its own set of benefits & distinct privileges.


Members are welcome to the park on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) as well as holidays and weekdays (Monday-Friday).


Weekday Riding/Camping for Members & their Guests by Appointment Only - 24 Hour Verified Notice Required.


Access to the park before or after park closing hours also requires a member appointment.

*RRMT, Inc. Members are required to present their RRMT, Inc. Membership Card as well as a second form of picture id (unless RRMT, Inc. park staff can verify your identity) upon sign-in at the park office.

The only exceptions will be: (1) If park staff can verify your identity with or without some second form of identification or (2) If you are an individual that just recently signed up for a membership and have not received your membership card yet...please tell us upon arrival.


RRMT, Inc. obtains a list of all memberships still in the queue and waiting to be processed. Until we can get your membership card issued to you, please feel free to use a second form of ID upon check-in & tell us who you are. If absolutely NO form of ID can be presented, you will be required to pay visitor prices! Furthermore, if at anytime RRMT, Inc. Owners, Management, or Staff suspect that you are misrepresenting yourself as a member, RRMT, Inc. reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. By having your RRMT, Inc. Member ID card out and ready to present upon check-in at the park office, the process of being signed in can be expedited!

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